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M’s First Week

M is officially more than a week old now. Her first week flew by, mainly because everyone except her was sick on at least one day last week. As much as I would have loved to enjoy her first week at home, we ended up barely surviving. But survive we did, and now that we’re into her second week home, we’re getting more in the swing of things. Our pattern is going to be interrupted when John gets back to work, though. That starts next Tuesday.

On Tuesday, E was given a stuffed dog in preschool to bring home and take with her to various activities throughout the week. With each new activity the dog goes to, we’re supposed to take pictures and paste them in a book that came with the dog. The two boys who had the book before her went to all these fun places–swim lessons, zoos, etc. E’s week is going to be a lot less exciting. John and I made sure to take a picture of the dog with M to show why E doesn’t have a very adventure-filled week…the new baby puts a crimp in her adventures. So she’s gotten pictures of the dog and Grandma and Papa T skyping with us, the dog and our pool outside, the dog and E playing with paper dolls…you know, all the exciting things in life. πŸ™‚

M’s doing well. Her days are filled with sleeping, eating, filling her diaper, sleeping some more, and occasional waking periods to placate her siblings, who are so eager to talk to her and play with her. E constantly gives her kisses and wants to hold her, and J is the same way–he can’t wait to hold her, unless she has just spit up–then he won’t touch her. Mo is basically unphased by her, except when Daddy holds her, and then she gets angry and jealous. Today was her first moment where she actually smiled and interacted with M more than normal. It was sweet and gave me some hope that she would some day have a good relationship with her sister.

Here’s a comparison shot of the four kids. Top left: E, Top right: J, Bottom left: Mo, Bottom Right: M. We think M and E look the most similar.



3 thoughts on “M’s First Week”

    1. I know. I thought I’d change M1 to Mo and M2 to just M. But I’m still working it through…it’s a work in progress, like this blog. πŸ˜€


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