New Baby

A Difficult Baby

One thing this baby has taught me is that 4th children aren’t necessarily going to be go-with-the-flow babies. How dare M have a will of her own, right? Doesn’t she know she has three older siblings who demand Mama’s time? She can’t take her own chunk of my time as well! These were my thoughts before she was born and then…..M came into our lives and turned my expectation on its head. She has been a difficult baby from the get-go. Although it took two months for her to get sick, she has constantly struggled with problems in her system–from an intense diaper rash/almost thrush, to not a good sleeper, and now a 3-month-long sickness and major food allergies.


It got to the point last week where she wouldn’t even feed for more than a couple minutes without pulling away. I knew if she kept at this, I would lose my supply and she would lose a lot of weight. And seeing as she won’t take a bottle, formula isn’t an option. I was left with the only option I could think of: Whole30.


I did Whole30 last year, a month before I got pregnant, and really loved it after I got over the initial 2 week withdrawal symptoms. However, the first 2 weeks weren’t fun. And 4 months postpartum, I haven’t wanted to deal with changing my diet drastically. I was worried about supply issues (I still am), and it’s so much work! For this sleep-deprived and busy Mama, I just didn’t want to deal with it. But alas, babies go by their own schedules and wants, and I knew I needed to try Whole30 in order to see what she was allergic to.

My arms are full, so it’s sometimes hard to juggle a child who needs a little extra attention. But she’s worth it!


If you aren’t familiar with Whole30, it’s a whole food diet that consists of fruits, vegetables, and meat. Basically, I cut out all grains, all dairy, all sugar, all alcohol, but NOT all caffeine. Yay for black coffee! So I’m eating about every 2-3 hours a day to get me over this food craving hump, as well as to eat enough calories to keep my milk supply up. And, let’s face it–when I’m used to eating carbs and sugar and then WHAM cut them out, I’m going through some withdrawal. I find I’m getting angrier easier and I’m more tired. However, I know from experience it will get better and I need to push through these next couple weeks.

I mean, a chocolate fountain? How do I resist that?!


It doesn’t help that we’ve had various events over at our house this week that have involved delicious food and desserts, all of which I need to glance over and try to ignore. Ugh. But what makes this all worth it is the fact that on the very first day of doing Whole30, M completely changed. She’s not as gassy, she doesn’t pull away when she’s eating anymore, she’s definitely eating a lot more than she has recently, and her mucous sounds less severe. I also think she’s struggling with reflux, which is where she’s getting some of her cough, wheezing, and congestion. But hopefully my diet will lessen the mucous and her other symptoms will go away as she gets older and grows out of the reflux. In the meantime, I’m eating super clean, which, I mean, isn’t a bad thing. It’s just sad that it’s happening 4 months postpartum, but it needed to happen at some stage and if it’s helping M have a happier, sleep-filled, tummy-trouble-free life, than I am all for it.


I’m hoping to see a lot more of these smiles now that her tummy hurts less!


2 thoughts on “A Difficult Baby”

  1. So tough eating clean like that with such a little baby at home. Will be praying for the Lord’s grace and favor upon you and your family as you continue to transition to four kids. You’re such a sweet mama to make the Whole 30 commitment and sacrifice. Hang in there, mama!


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